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Israeli trial, world’s first, finds 4th dose ‘not good enough’ against Omicron

Expert at Sheba Medical Center says jab raises COVID antibody levels, but there are ‘still a lot of infections’ among those who received it Nearly a month after Sheba Medical Center launched a landmark study to test the efficacy of a fourth COVID shot, the hospital...

Australia has decided to ‘let Covid rip.’ Is that a good idea?

In just over a month,  the country’s Covid cases have sharply risen from around 1,000 a day to more than 100,000 a day — but its deaths remain low. By Nick Baker As 2021 drew to a close, many Australians were cautiously optimistic that the worst of the Covid-19...

Expect more worrisome variants after omicron, scientists say

By LAURA UNGAR Get ready to learn more Greek letters. Scientists warn that omicron’s whirlwind advance practically ensures it won’t be the last version of the coronavirus to worry the world. Every infection provides a chance for the virus to mutate, and omicron has an...

Mass General Expert Predicts: No Boosters. Normal Life. We Can Move on From Covid

By Mary_Beth_Pfeiffer The director of global infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital is predicting what was unthinkable less than a month ago: The end of the pandemic. Dr. Edward Ryan made stunning and encouraging comments on the Omicron variant...

How to Find a Quality Mask (and Avoid Counterfeits)

Knowing which mask to pick and making sure it’s not a fake requires the sleuthing skills of a forensic investigator. Our guide can help. By Tara Parker-Pope The fast-spread of the infectious Omicron variant has prompted many people to try to upgrade to a...

While Whistleblower Brings FDA Smoking Gun Evidence of Serious Data Problems Concerning Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, the Agency Frets Over French Dressing

We recently examined the National Institutes for Health’s (NIH) failure to fund research into repurposable therapeutics during the pandemic in a TrialSite article “COVID-19 Pandemic: What Have We Learned about Effective Responses to Save Lives?”  We felt it...

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Ivermectin & other controversial treatments


The mainstream consensus is that ivermectin has no benefit for Covid, discourages vaccination, &
poisons people.  Right wing groups claim it is a suppressed cure.  In the middle is a diverse community of health professionals, researchers, & independently minded people with a wide spectrum of different views.  We are here for that community.  We take no position on it’s efficacy.  We agree unsupported claims & misuse are causing harm.  We are pro-vaccine & pro-inquiry on vaccine side-effects. We curate informed posts on all sides of the ivermectin controversy.  If there is a 10% chance that ivermectin had a 10% benefit for some Covid patients, it merits objective study, especially for the millions of people around the world without vaccine access.  


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The Premonition

The Premonition -- A Pandemic Story, by Michael Lewis, should be required reading for anyone with a serious interest in the pandemic. Better...

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Dear Friends and Colleagues: In March and April 2020, my advice was sought regarding a patient...

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