The rise in COVID-19 cases shows that the pandemic hasn’t ended.

California has recorded a nearly 30% increase in coronavirus cases over the last week. The rise coincides with the state’s removal of COVID restrictions. It is unclear how much higher the cases will rise, and whether the state government will reimpose restrictions.

“California has been recording about 5,600 coronavirus cases a day over the last week, its highest case rate since early March. California’s latest per capita case rate — 100 cases a week for every 100,000 residents — is just enough to meet the threshold for a high rate of coronavirus transmission,” The Times reported on Monday.

According to The Times’ COVID tracker, San Mateo County has California’s highest coronavirus case rate in the state. It is currently seeing 222 cases a week for every 100,000 residents. San Francisco is second, with a rate of 220, however that may be due to their high testing rate.

Coronavirus-positive hospitalizations have risen 7% in the last week. They remain among the lowest levels of the pandemic, however, the state’s COVID Assessment Tool suggests hospitalizations will go up by an additional 65% by Memorial Day. Its forecast also shows that the number of COVID-19 patients needing intensive care may double by then.

L.A. County’s coronavirus case rate is 127 per every 100,000 residents. Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer has said that L.A. County is prepared to reinstitute a universal mask order in indoor public settings should conditions worsen so much that the CDC designates L.A. County as having a high COVID-19 Community Level, which means the CDC once again recommends the practice.

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