Integrative Medicine Research, Volume 10, Supplement, In progress (2021)

This issue is in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable.

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TCM for COVID-19 treatment: the road ahead
This editorial discusses aspects that need to be addressed for acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine to gain wide acceptance as therapeutic strategies for COVID-19 treatment.

Acupuncture and COVID-19
Although data indicating the good efficacy of acupuncture for COVID-19 treatment exists, high-quality evidence remains lacking, finds study.

Honeybee products for COVID-19 management
Current evidence is insufficient to prove the effectiveness of honeybee products in treating viral respiratory infections such as COVID-19, finds study.

Research trends for TCIMs in COVID-19
Bibliometric analysis of RCTs demonstrates the current trends in research focusing on traditional, complementary, and integrative medicines for COVID-19.

Could TCM hold the key to COVID-19 treatment?
This review summarizes the useful contributions of traditional Chinese medicine toward COVID-19 treatment and charts out a path for its wide-scale application.

Adoption of TCM for COVID-19
Study finds the widespread use of infection control behaviours and TCM for treatment and prevention of COVID-19 and other respiratory symptoms in China.

Treating severe COVID-19 using qigong exercise and acupressure
A qigong exercise and acupressure rehabilitation program in combination with standard therapies can improve respiratory symptoms in patients with severe COVID-19 and reduce the duration of hospital stay, reveals study.
Herbal medicine (Maxingshigan-Weijing) for COVID-19
Study finds that Maxingshigan-Weijing decoctions could improve symptom recovery and prevent disease progression in patients with COVID-19.

How Malaysian TCM practitioners helped combat COVID-19
Literature review details the challenges faced by Malaysian TCM practitioners in treating COVID-19 at the community level and the strategies they used to overcome these problems.

Protocols for TCM-based COVID-19 treatment
Study analyzes the innovativeness and scientific rigor of systematic reviews on TCM-based COVID-19 treatment and provides recommendations for similar studies in the future.



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