By Peter Yim in TrialSite News with Commentary from Mark Bricca, ND

From TrialSite (so generally pro-ivermectin), this piece from today is potentially important and at least provocative. The author observes that the principal investigator for one of the primary, ongoing ivermectin clinical trials also sits on the NIH board that indicated there was “insufficient evidence for ivermectin to be used to treat Covid-19 without further study.”

Mark Bricca, ND

Thus, and especially if she voted as an NIH board member to recommend continuing trials of ivermectin based on insufficient evidence to justify its use, she would have had a distinct conflict given that she has a $155 million dollar NIH grant expressly to… continue studying ivermectin and other repurposed medications in Covid-19. Apparently, she was one of two people who also did not disclose conflicts of interest in an article on this topic that was published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Interesting, and potentially pretty important, if assertions are true and if the person in question actually voted as an NIH board member to, in effect, limit ivermectin’s current use as early-treatment and prevention for Covid-19. In spite of multiple freedom of information requests, I believe we still don’t know who voted what (or even if a proper vote was held) at the NIH regarding ivermectin’s alleged usefulness in Covid-19, so this all remains speculative.

Important, though, and I hope the facts emerge with time.

Mark Bricca, ND



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