Editor: Alyson Browett, MPH

Excerpt from August 9, 2022 edition:

US PANDEMIC VIEWS According to a national survey conducted July 12-18 by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, the majority of Americans (54%) say they rarely or never wear a mask indoors around people outside their household to help prevent COVID-19, and 41% say they have returned to their normal, pre-pandemic lives. Among these individuals, the majority are aware of the risks of infection but say they have adjusted to the “new normal,” with a growing number having returned to pre-pandemic routines and activities. In another poll from Axios and Ipsos conducted July 15-18, 29% of respondents said they believe the pandemic is over. The results varied by political affiliation: 48% of Republicans said the pandemic is over, compared with only 9% of Democrats. Despite this, 4 of 5 respondents agreed with the statement, “We will never fully be rid of the coronavirus in my lifetime.” Although the number of new COVID-19 cases has risen significantly with the emergence of the BA.5 Omicron subvariant, reported mask use continues to decline and these polls suggest growing numbers of US residents are returning to their pre-pandemic lives, with limited precautions.

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