Dear Friends:

We started in March of 2020.  Our sole intention was to curate the most interesting science, news, and perspectives on the pandemic from across the spectrum both in the US and internationally. We have a strong interest in the pandemic as one of the poster children for the global polycrisis, along with the climate emergency and the Ukraine War, at present writing.  Please see our coverage of the global polycrisis at

We have tracked the science, major news developments, and a wide range of perspectives, posting articles almost daily since we began. We regularly review articles in the NY Times, The Guardian, Bloomberg, The Atlantic, Scientific American, the medical journals, and other sources.  We avoid sources that are behind paywalls such as The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. Google News has an excellent section at the top of the page on Covid that we track daily.

The Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Dashboard is widely regarded as a key resource in the field. We have had a special interest in integrative therapies and repurposed drugs for Covid-19.  On integrative and functional medicine, we regard The Institute for Functional Medicine‘s regularly updated summary as the best available source we know.  We also regard repurposed or off-label medicines as an underutilized category of potentially beneficial interventions.

Our greatest concern is the continuing pattern of decisions on Covid prevention and treatment where corporate and national interests trump  the well being of people and societies around the world.

Rather than besieging you with our views, we prefer to curate the best sources we can find.  We try to give you science, analyses, and perspectives you often won’t easily find elsewhere.  No one pays us, no one influences us.  We’re just doing our best to tell the truth as we see it.

We welcome your interest.  We welcome your support to continue this work.

Michael Lerner,





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