In a follow up to a story TrialSite first ran on November 15, a Chicago area judge “stood up” to Edward Hospital and ordered the medical institution to administer ivermectin to a “dying man.”

“What’s the downside?’, asked Circuit Judge Paul Fullerton, according to an article in Substack. As reported in the article, Sun Ng, a retired contractor from Hong Kong traveled to Illinois to be with his family.  Unfortunately, Ng contracted covid and was admitted to a hospital.  After a few days in the hospital Ng was put on a respirator and had a 50% of dying.

Ng’s daughter, Man Kwan Ng, who says she has a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering did research into ivermectin and concluded the hospital should administer the drug to her father.  After the hospital’s refusal Man Kwan Ng sued. When the case was brought before Judge Fullerton, Edward Hospital insisted if ivermectin were administered “there could be side effects as well as ordering ivermectin would violate its (hospital) policies and forcing the issue would be ‘extraordinary’ judicial overreach.” Fullerton disagreed and insisted Edward Hospital let Dr. Alan Bain. Bain has been a proponent of ivermectin’s use to combat covid.  Judge Fullerton pointed out since Sun Ng is basically “on his deathbed” the risk of administering ivermectin would be “minimal”.

As pointed out in the TrialSite article, Dr. Bain is unvaccinated.  Edward Hospital, citing the Illinois state rule against unvaccinated health care workers being allowed in the hospital and wouldn’t let Bain in to administer the drug.  Judge Fullerton pointed out an exemption in the Illinois law allowing health care workers into the hospital if they test negative for covid. Bain was allowed in.

TrialSite has done extensive coverage of lawsuits regarding the use of ivermectin in hospitals. Attorney Ralph Lorigo had been a leading advocate for patient’s rights and fighting for those infected with covid to gain access to ivermectin.

As the Chicago Tribune points out lawsuits over ivermectin have become common even though many hospitals say it doesn’t work against covid.  As the article says court decisions on ivermectin have varied.

After Edward Hospital allowed Bain to administer a five-day course of ivermectin to Sun Ng, he was removed from a ventilator and left the ICU on November 16. The Daily Herald, a suburban Chicago paper also reported that Ng was better after being treated with ivermectin for 5 days.  However, Edward Hospital claims Ng was recovering before the controversial drug was administered.  Given the success ivermectin has had in treating covid it is puzzling the effectiveness of the drug has been delegitimized.  Ivermectin is continually referred to as a “animal drug” and “horse de-wormer.”  This has led to a political divide over its usage.  When will politics be put aside for a drug that can possibly save lives?

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