Rethinking Trade with Lori Wallach podcast aired April 29, 2022

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Did you see those reports about a compromise “TRIPS waiver” deal to suspend WTO intellectual property barriers now limiting global access to COVID-19 drugs? Well, there actually was no such deal. On the newest episode of my podcast Rethinking Trade with Lori Wallach, I’m joined by amazing activist lawyers Fatima Hassan from Cape Town, South Africa and Sangeeta Shashikant from the halls of the WTO’s Geneva, Switzerland headquarters. They reveal an effort to altogether derail an emergency COVID WTO waiver supported by more than 100 countries. 

With more than 15 million people dead from COVID worldwide according to the World Health Organization, still fewer than 20% of people in developing countries are vaccinated. Yet, there still is no deal to temporarily suspend the WTO rules blocking equitable access to COVID vaccines, treatments and tests. Interests dedicated to keeping it that way just tried to stampede the process. And what happened next is pretty damn shocking… Tune in to hear the story. 



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