A piece on effective natural therapies

From: Paul Herscu ND, MPH
Herscu Laboratory 

Hello and welcome. It has been a while since I have written. We have just now arrived at the third phase, of my understanding of the 5 phase stages of this pandemic. I imagine many of you are feeling frightened, angry and frustrated, as well as simply confused. Things have not gone as well as they should have, as we are experiencing the next increase of incidence in the USA. The question is how to proceed from where we are. I am bombarded by questions from family, friends, patients and students. I would like to discuss several major aspects to help the general discourse. This is a difficult task as at this time as there are two paths, one for those who have been vaccinated and one for those who have not been vaccinated. As a result, I would like to break down the writing into 5 separate posts. They are:

1. A piece for those who have been vaccinated
2. A piece for those who have not been vaccinated
3. A piece on effective natural therapies
4. A piece on other pharmaceuticals
5. A short recap

Herein, I begin with the third piece, a piece on effective natural therapies:

Before I start discussing natural therapies, I would like to comment on an email I received. It was a kind, short, email, that said why am I equivocating on having people get the vaccine. I was a bit taken aback by this email, given the fact that I have been so clear about this, since even before vaccines were available. And also, from the hate mail, death threats, and insults I received (as well as the many, many, many, kind words and thoughts). I would say that I was pretty clear about getting the first shots last winter. I think the writer of that letter felt like I was not clear enough in the last post. She lost family members to this virus, and I think she believed I should perhaps not give any thoughts or word to those that were not vaccinated.

I feel deeply for her loss, and the losses in so many families, and it brings to light the difficulty in this epidemic where it is challenging to pay attention to all the different facets and easy to make errors in perception. My goal in the last post was less about people that are caught up in some political, or uneducated or misinformed moment, but rather to bring up important topics that may give people pause. And if we can actually have a reasonable conversation, I think we would all be better for it. I would like to give you one example of what I mean, to show some of the complexity.

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