June 25, 2021 ~ TrialSite News ~

How Far and Deep does Censorship Go in Research? What does it Reveal?

The following video highlights the possible widespread censorship of all discussion and evidence about treatments. While early treatments have been especially targeted, it’s clear that the censorship extended (and still does) to all treatments that aren’t being pushed by the regulatory agencies, which according to some hypotheses, are simply implementation tools for industry. TrialSite doesn’t think it’s that simple, rather there’s a clash of interests, conflicting forces, seemingly irreconcilable contradictions leaning to one crisis after the next. Learn about a story from a journalist we like, Ivory Hecker, and the story of Dr. Varon, a “COVID Hunter.”

Dr. Varon’s Story
Dr. Varon is one of the founding members of the FLCCC. He helped develop the MATH+ protocol in the very early days of the pandemic. He became an international symbol of compassionate, dedicated front-line physicians tirelessly striving to save their patients. However, even with the massive amount of media that covered him, they censored the treatments and protocols that he was using. This was despite him showing his outcomes were massively better than local, regional, national, and world averages. His results weren’t just anecdotes. They were written-up, peer-reviewed, and published in multiple journals. Although, he and the FLCCC had to use “less respected” journals because the high-impact journals are also part of Big Pharma’s paid-for strategy.

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