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  1. How long the virus survives depends on the material & external factors
  2. How long does COVID-19 survive in the air?
  3. How long does it live on surfaces?
  4. How Long Can The Coronavirus Live On Surfaces?
  5. How long does the virus last in food?
  6. Can temperature and humidity affect the SARS-CoV2?
  7. How to clean common surfaces?
  8. What are the best products for cleaning and disinfecting?
  9. Summary
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How long the virus survives depends on the material & external factors

SARS-CoV-2 (or COVID-19), the coronavirus that has taken over 4 million lives, has been circulating in humans since its outbreak in 2019. It is easily spread from one person to another, mainly because of the tiny droplets in the air that are released by infected people when they talk, cough, or sneeze. You can also contract the virus from droplets that land on your eyes, nose, mouth, or eyes. Although the chances of contracting the disease are low, many people don’t realize how their hands can be involved in transmission.

While chances are slim, most people don’t realize that our hands can play a role in transmitting the disease, too.  Scientists have discovered that the virus can survive for a limited time on different surfaces and objects. They can be exposed if they touch their noses, eyes, or mouths after touching an object contaminated by the virus. You can get COVID-19. It is possible to prevent the spread of the virus by understanding how long it can survive on surfaces and in the air.

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