— Patient’s wife sued after demanding the controversial drug be used

by Ryan Basen

A Kentucky hospital does not have to treat a COVID-19 patient with ivermectin, a circuit court ruled this week, following a demand from the patient’s wife — who said she is an RN — that it use the controversial drug.

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Charles Cunningham overruled an earlier decision, noting that the court “cannot require a hospital to literally take orders from someone who does not routinely issue such orders,” and that the Kentucky Supreme Court “only allows admission of scientific evidence based on sufficient facts or data.”

Lonnie Underwood, 58, was admitted to Louisville’s Norton Brownsboro Hospital, part of the Norton Healthcare network, earlier this month, according to reports. With Underwood on a ventilator in intensive care, his wife, Angela Underwood, demanded that the hospital treat him with ivermectin and intravenous vitamin C. When her demand was ignored, she filed a lawsuit alleging that the hospital refused to treat him in this way, the Washington Post reported.

“As a registered nurse, I demand my husband be administered ivermectin whether by a Norton physician or another healthcare provider of my choosing including myself if necessary,” she wrote in the complaint, according to the Post. She requested that the court designate ivermectin as “medically indicated” to treat COVID. “The studies and research does show the effectiveness of the medication when given to those patients in the trial,” she added.

While Angela Underwood found a doctor to craft an emergency privileges order for ivermectin, the hospital said that this physician “refused to come see his patient.” She accused Norton Brownsboro of prohibiting Rafael Cruz, MD, based in Indiana, from treating her husband.

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