Regarding “Anthony Fauci didn’t get the hero’s sendoff he deserved. So it goes in the world of public health” (Open Forum,, Jan. 4): Dr. Steven Solter’s observation that public health professionals rarely if ever get much credit, let alone fame, is spot on. 

Public health interventions such as vaccination, clean water and air, and tobacco restrictions have saved more lives and prevented more suffering than anything else humans have done. Now in this era of bogus online misinformation, such health professionals get attacked rather than thanked.  

One of our problems, as I was taught at UCLA’s School of Public Health long ago, is that very often, success in public health means something didn’t happen. It can be hard to measure or prove that, so we just soldier on.

Tony Fauci deserves a Nobel Prize for his achievements, but I expect he’s not holding his breath.

Steve Heilig, San Francisco

Link to article in San Francisco Chronicle by Steve Heilig



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