Major European nations suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine

March 15, 2021




  1. This report from Associated Press is significant. It is the first time that a major vaccine has been suspended in the EU or US as a safety precaution. While the suspension is being characterized as “purely precautionary,” it will raise the question as to the short-term and long-term safety of other vaccines. This may increase the number of people who resist vaccination for health reasons. A scientist quoted in this report described the suspension as “baffling” and AstraZeneca pushed back as well. They may well be right. BUT IF the safety concerns here prove accurate — or if a second vaccine raises documented health concerns — the issue of vaccine health risks may become a major factor — even if the public health benefits continue strongly to outweigh the risks.

  2. I agree this could increase vaccine hesitancy. During the AstraZeneca trials, there was also a pause due to some patients getting serious problems after vaccination. The J and J trial was also paused for similar reasons. Now that there are people in the millions being vaccinated (as opposed to the tens of thousands in trials), we’re going to pick up on more people’s serious, potentially life-threatening conditions and the first thought will be “Is this related to vaccination?”. And, with the high-profile coverage of this vaccination effort, even more, public attention will be drawn to this.

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