Are you vaccinated or not? There’s subtle and not so subtle pressure building across America and, depending on where one lives, that tension mounts at an accelerated pace as two Americas emerge from the pandemic, one that just got the two jabs, no questions asked, and another that experiences increasing skepticism about the whole affair.  So in some quadrants, one’s “vaccination” status equates to responsible citizenship while a healthy skepticism marks a critical mind questionable of the government. But vaccination tension grows on one side, such as those fully jabbed mocking and even discriminating against those with concerns. And it’s just for that reason that concern grows across a number of areas, from fear of vaccine passports to employment protocols, university admission policies, and employer practices, to name just a few examples. Could the unvaccinated be the new emerging victim class in need of protection? That’s turning out to be a distinct concern across America, particularly among more conservative-minded people. That’s why some Republican politicians recently authored “The Vaccine Choice & Anti-Discrimination Act” in the State of Ohio. This effort is led by Rep. Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester) who brings a unique set of background skills, characteristics, and experiences to these challenges of the day.

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