— “Light of Appreciation” commemorates lives saved and those who helped in vaccine efforts

by Sophie Putka

Laura Weiss, RN, stays positive. A retired nurse who teamed up with the Boulder County Public Health department in February for their vaccine effort, Weiss remembers moments like vaccinating the parents of a man who had flown them from Venezuela to Colorado, determined to get them the shots.

Weiss recounts how one woman, tearing up as she got the vaccine that would allow her to celebrate her upcoming marriage, said to her: “You’re now part of my wedding, because you’re letting this happen.”

“It’s moments like that, that just were beautiful,” Weiss said. She’s channeled a little bit of that beauty into an impromptu art piece that went viral when Boulder County Public Health posted it to their Facebook page. It’s a chandelier made of 271 vials that held vaccine doses, mostly Moderna’s.

Weiss dubbed it the Light of Appreciation, “to represent the hard work of all these nurses and volunteers and healthcare workers and the people that got vaccinated.”

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