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New Research Hints at 4 Factors That May Increase Chances of Long Covid

If further study confirms the findings, they could lead to ways to prevent and treat the complex condition. By Pam Belluck It is one of many mysteries about long Covid: Who is more prone to developing it? Are some people more likely than others to experience physical,...

Researchers Discover Two Paths Toward “Super Immunity” to COVID-19

By OREGON HEALTH & SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OHSU laboratory research compares routes to immunity involving vaccination. New laboratory research from Oregon Health & Science University reveals more than one path toward robust immunity from COVID-19. A new study...

Australia’s Spikogen Approved by Iran, Pursuing WHO Authorization

In November, Australia’s Dr. Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University recently visited TrialSite to discuss the progress associated with his vaccine company, Vaxine. The renowned researcher, professor, and expert in the field of...

The Case Against Mandatory Vaccination: The Royal College of General Practitioners

A professional body for general practitioners (physicians) in the United Kingdom, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) represents general practitioners (GPs) on key issues from licensing and education to research and clinical standards and...

New Study Shows COVID-19 Infection Extending Past Recommended Quarantine Guidelines

A new study shows that a reduction in the quarantine period to five days may be too premature and not enough to protect the vulnerable population. The International Journal of Infectious Diseases on Dec. 7 released results online from their study...

Why aren’t there enough hospital beds?

By Judd Legum The Omicron variant appears somewhat less severe than previous strains of COVID-19, but it is still landing plenty of Americans — especially the unvaccinated — in the hospital. At present, more than 155,000 people with COVID are hospitalized, which is a...

Merck’s COVID-19 pill to be produced by more than two dozen drugmakers

BY MONIQUE BEALS Medicines Patent Pool, an organization supported by the U.N., announced on Thursday that over two dozen generic drug makers will soon begin producing Merck's COVID-19 pill to make the treatment more accessible in developing...

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Why aren’t there enough hospital beds?

Why aren’t there enough hospital beds?

By Judd Legum The Omicron variant appears somewhat less severe than previous strains of COVID-19, but it is still landing plenty of Americans —...

Antigen Tests: Real World Data

Antigen Tests: Real World Data

By Katelyn Jetelina Today, after 2 long years, antigen tests are finally available to Americans free of charge. (Actually, yesterday the system...


Ivermectin & other controversial treatments


The mainstream consensus is that ivermectin has no benefit for Covid, discourages vaccination, &
poisons people.  Right wing groups claim it is a suppressed cure.  In the middle is a diverse community of health professionals, researchers, & independently minded people with a wide spectrum of different views.  We are here for that community.  We take no position on it’s efficacy.  We agree unsupported claims & misuse are causing harm.  We are pro-vaccine & pro-inquiry on vaccine side-effects. We curate informed posts on all sides of the ivermectin controversy.  If there is a 10% chance that ivermectin had a 10% benefit for some Covid patients, it merits objective study, especially for the millions of people around the world without vaccine access.  


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CovidStrategies an Introduction

CovidStrategies an Introduction

The ongoing tsunami of stories and scientific reports on Covid-19 continues to wash over us. But as we reach the one-year mark of the pandemic, some key themes have emerged. This post is a outline of of 12 key themes.

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Preparing to Be Vaccinated: An Integrative Approach

Preparing to Be Vaccinated: An Integrative Approach

If you’re planning to be vaccinated against COVID-19, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to optimize your vaccination response. The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) has developed a Pre-Vaccination Protocol with actions you can do by yourself as well as with your doctor that may improve your immune response to vaccination.

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