By Elizabeth Cooney

Among the many worrying consequences of Covid-19, neuropsychiatric conditions rank high. A year ago researchers from Oxford University reported that 1 in 3 patients experienced mood disorders, strokes, or dementia six months after Covid infection. Now the same group is back with a longer-term analysis of 1.25 million Covid patient records, including what they believe is the first large-scale look at children and at new variants.

Their news is both bad and good.

Up to two years after Covid-19 infection, the risk of developing conditions such as psychosis, dementia, “brain fog,” and seizures is still higher than after other respiratory infections, the researchers report in their study published Wednesday in the Lancet Psychiatry. But while anxiety and depression are more common soon after a Covid-19 diagnosis, the mood disorders are transient, becoming no more likely after the two months than following similar infections such as flu.

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