With Commentary by Mark Bricca, ND

This is an excellent article on long-Covid syndrome from the amazing Tomas Pueyo.
Not to minimize the stark points he makes, I would suggest that we actually do have some good tools for treating chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalitis (CFS/ME).  Among them are treatments to address occult viral burden, strategies to modulate immune function, ways to reign in Mast Cell Activation (which is huge, and still little known), and so on.  There has also been some interesting work in Europe using apheresis (essentially, blood filtering) in CFS/ME, and it has shown promise.
Point being, we do have good strategies to address this aspect of long-Covid, as troubling and enormous as it is, and as it will be for many people for years to come.

by Mark Bricca, ND

It’s Probably Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Tomas Pueyo

I have been taking notes for this article for over 6 months now. This week, it finally clicked, and I rewrote the whole thing.

The main problem with Long COVID is its complexity: dozens of symptoms, different causes, different treatments, vaccine protection, Delta variant, age impact, gender impact, evolution over time…

This complexity is crippling. We think “Hmmm Long COVID is bad but how bad? I don’t know… Maybe we should avoid it? But how careful should we be? I don’t know. Is it worth keeping masks? Staying indoors? I don’t know…” So how can we simplify things?

By looking at the most alarming problem that Long COVID most likely causes: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There are other problems, such as unregistered deaths, post-intensive care syndrome, chronic loss of smell… But they’re too much, and I don’t think they change our takeaways, so we will look at them in the premium deep dive this week, along with other things.

So today you’ll learn:
What’s the worst aspect of Long COVID?
How long does it last?
What are your odds of catching Long COVID?
What causes it?
Can we treat it?

Ok let’s go.

Is Long COVID Like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

One of the main issues with Long COVID is that it’s a long-term illness, but COVID hasn’t been around for a long time, so we don’t know what happens in the long term. How can we know what COVID will be in a few years?

What if there was an illness that looked a lot like the main outcome of Long COVID? We could see what that looks like and how it evolves over time, and make an educated guess on what will happen with Long COVID next.

That’s what Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is: an illness that seems a lot like the typical long-term outcome of Long COVID, and for which we already know a lot, since it affects between 1 and 2.5 million Americans.

For example, this is Jessica. I highly encourage you to watch these videos. They don’t need sound. You can’t get a sense of Long COVID if you don’t watch them.

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