By Riley Griffin

Some people who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are worried that their shot won’t hold up in the face on new coronavirus variants. To put themselves at ease, they are going out and getting added doses of messenger RNA vaccines—even though it’s not clear yet that will help.

Demand for the one-and-done J&J shot has suffered in part due to the perception that it’s inferior to the two-dose mRNA vaccines that showed higher efficacy in clinical trials. But it is unclear if mixing vaccines will safely increase protection, and there are fresh signs that J&J’s shot is a strong shield against variants.

Still, people Terri Leslie are a case in point. The North Carolina resident had jumped at the chance to get a J&J shot in March, but as someone who takes an immune-suppressing medication for arthritis, she has been having misgivings. So this past week, she went out and got the first of two planned doses of Pfizer’s mRNA shot. “I don’t want to live in fear of getting sick,” Leslie said.

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