June 17, 2021 ~ J Clinical Endocrinology ~ Edward B Jude, et al.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with higher hospitalisation risk from COVID-19: a retrospective case-control study

Commentary from Mark Bricca, ND

Link above is to a recent article that demonstrates clear correlation between vitamin D status and severity of Covid-19 illness.  Of course, there could be other relevant factors to consider as well, and correlation does not prove causation.  Those with higher vitamin D may also have better overall health status, they may have better nutrition, they may get more exercise, etc.
That being said, data on vitamin D and Covid-19 is abundant and consistent at this point, and I wish public health authorities would come out with population-wide guidelines for testing and supplementation.  It’s so easy, and there is next to no downside to moderate supplementation (and it may benefit bone health and reduce risk of several other diseases, too).



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