TrialSite News on World Ivermectin Day

Here is the July 25 issue of TrialSite News covering World Ivermectin Day. As the day is promoted around the world, Ivermectin remains contested. There is a global struggle between its proponents and its skeptics. Who will turn out to be right?  If it is ineffective, ivermectin will join a long and distinguished list of ineffective therapies promoted both by mainstream and alternative medicine.  If it is effective, who will do the forensic analysis of the combination of forces that kept it from being evaluated and adopted more rapidly? And what role will financial interests have played in that story?
We try to cover both sides of this controversy with an equal hand. We try to let readers decide how they weigh the evidence.

Michael Lerner

Link to World Ivermectin Day Video

Video Includes the Following:

Introduction -Satoshi Omura – Discoverer of ivermectin 
Frontline Doctors-With Dr Paul Marik 
Testimonial-Dr Nijon Eccles 
Statement -Prof hector Carvallo 
Music video-Take back by One Now Ago 
Testimonial-Lou Gossett Jr 
Documentary-Case for Ivermectin 
Testimonial-Der Hoomer Lim 
Birdies-Katherine Macgilchrist – Systematic Reviewer 
Documentary-Peru – Trialsite news 
Birdies-Mr Edmund Fordham – Physicist 
Endorsement-Laurent Goldstein – Film maker 



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