As the pace of vaccination decelerates across the country, YouTube undoubtedly feels political pressure from the highest levels of political power. Recently, the media provider announced that the video-sharing service owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, would block all videos that are deemed associated with anti-vaccine activists, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. But are these activists the reason why so much vaccine hesitancy exists?

That would be hard to say, as so much politicization from so many different vantages may confuse the average content viewer in the world of social networks and sites like YouTube. But the edict is clear moving forward—any group that seeks to post material considered anti-vaccine will be yanked. While this policy seemingly applied to COVID-19 vaccines, now the policy expands to any vaccine, such as measles or chickenpox.

Several channels will be removed, from the aforementioned Kennedy’s site to other prominent figures in the anti-vaccine crowd, including Joseph Mercola and Ohio doctor Sherri Tenpenny.

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