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FDA to Vax Injured: We Got Nothin’

By Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Senior Investigative Reporter at Trial Site News | I'm a fire-in-the-belly muckraker who abhors the role of money-fueled corruption in government and medicine. My job: Expose it. Twenty people who were harmed by Covid-19 vaccines came to...

Just in time for fall, there’s a brand-new COVID variant making headway in the U.S.

BY ERIN PRATER A new COVID strain started to create waves among virus trackers this week, outpacing nearly all other variants of interest scientists are tracking in the U.S. this autumn.  The Omicron spawn, which scientists have named BF.7—short for...

Funding Documents Expose Virologist Danielle Anderson, Once Feted as a “Conspiracy Buster”

For over two years, the virologist posed as a fact checker and biosafety expert on China, without disclosure of grants involving risky gain of function studies. By Paul D. Thacker Shortly after people began dying from the COVID-19 virus in early 2020, virologist...

Smart face mask could detect coronavirus on other people’s breath

A prototype N95 face mask with a sensor built into the breath valve appears to be highly sensitive to virus proteins in early-stage tests By Clare Wilson A face mask with an integrated virus sensor could detect tiny amounts of the coronavirus after a 10-minute...

Drug Companies Test New Booster on Eight Mice and Zero Humans, FDA Approves It Anyway

With no efficacy or safety data, the agency is enthusiastically promoting a fifth COVID shot BY ALEX GUTENTAG The Tablet headline says it loud and clear. Michael Lerner n Aug. 31, 2022, the Food and Drug Administration authorized bivalent boosters reformulated to...

What Joe Biden Knows That No One Expected Him To

By Ezra Klein, Opinion Columnist We need better technologies to enable a better politics. But we need better politics to create better technologies. Maybe, just maybe, we’re on the verge of getting both. On Monday, President Biden announced that Dr. Renee...

Biden on ‘60 Minutes’: ‘The pandemic is over’

He also called former President Donald Trump “totally irresponsible“ in his handling of classified documents, and hedged on whether he was fully committed to seeking reelection. By DAVID COHEN and ADAM CANCRYN President Joe Biden said “the pandemic is over” in...

Pair of studies illuminates COVID-19 pandemic origins

Analyses based on locations and viral sequencing of early cases suggest pandemic started in Wuhan’s Huanan market, with two separate jumps from animals to humans. Originally published July 26, 2022 in Scripps Research The COVID-19-causing coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2,...

Hundreds of Americans Will Die From COVID Today

Is this what normal now looks like? By Jacob Stern This  is where we are.  Steady state unless a more dangerous variant appears.  On a plateau.Almost 3000 deaths a month.  That's the bad news and the good news.  Good because deaths are way down.And we've become...

A Fireside Chat with Renowned Pandemic Expert Michael Osterholm

UCSF Medical Grand Rounds with Department Chair Dr. Bob Wachter Recommended: Two veteran experts (interviewer is Bob Wachter, UCSF chief of medicine) on mistakes and good moves on COVID virology, immune response and evasion, boosters, long COVID, treatment,...

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I’ve Got the Covid Blues

I got the Covid bluesHazmat outfit to read the newsI gots that damn viral bluesMystifying...

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The mainstream consensus is that ivermectin has no benefit for Covid, discourages vaccination, &
poisons people.  Right wing groups claim it is a suppressed cure.  In the middle is a diverse community of health professionals, researchers, & independently minded people with a wide spectrum of different views.  We are here for that community.  We take no position on it’s efficacy.  We agree unsupported claims & misuse are causing harm.  We are pro-vaccine & pro-inquiry on vaccine side-effects. We curate informed posts on all sides of the ivermectin controversy.  If there is a 10% chance that ivermectin had a 10% benefit for some Covid patients, it merits objective study, especially for the millions of people around the world without vaccine access.  


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Why CovidStrategies?

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by Laura Pole, RN, MSN, Nurse Practitioner Just in my little circle of friends, several of whom...

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