Recently, United Kingdom Health Secretary Sajid Javid met with health professionals at Kings College Hospital in London to discuss mandatory vaccination against COVID-19. The nation’s top health care official probably wasn’t prepared for the challenge he received from a physician at this prestigious academic medical center who declared that he has natural immunity and won’t be accepting the vaccine. Moreover, the doctor challenges the rational basis of the mass vaccination scheme given the unfolding conditions. 

While COVID-19 cases hit record highs with Delta and now the Omicron surge –hitting a record 7-day new case average of 181,002, the mortality rate remains far lower than previous surges in the UK.

Sajid Javid met with staff at Kings College Hospital to discuss their strong recommendation to get vaccinated: Javid faced a challenge from a critically thinking physician that the health minister probably didn’t expect.

In the attached video, filmed by an insider and subsequently making its way to TrialSite, the physician, Steve James, a critical care doctor, shared with the minister his displeasure with compulsory vaccination. The physician shared quite confidently that he already had COVID-19 and consequently, has sufficient antibodies and thus was not vaccinated nor, he expressed, was he planning on getting the jab. Local British media picked up the transaction.Subscribe to the Trialsitenews “Vaccine” ChannelNo spam – we promise

He continued educating Britain’s top health official, informing him that now with Delta, the vaccine effectiveness wanes considerably, and by eight weeks he would need a booster. Moreover, the doctor explained that with Omicron the vaccine may not even work. 

The doctor then declared, “get dismissed from my job for this? It isn’t worth it.” He commented, “The science isn’t strong enough.” Javid didn’t bother to listen to the physician, striking back, “That’s your view, but there are other views.”

The King’s College Hospital physician replied there are others like him who don’t want to be vaccinated. He shared with Javid that first, natural immunity is comparable, and asked the minister, “What about waning immunity of the boosters? Given how fast the vaccine waned we would have to get a booster every month! There is protection for two months, but given the strength of the variants and the waning effectiveness of the vaccine the vaccination policy should be reconsidered.” Javid wasn’t happy with this critically thinking, independent-minded doctor, and quickly retorted, “We take the very best advice from people who are actually vaccine experts,” implying the critical care doctor’s opinion didn’t matter or wasn’t valid.

At Kings College Hospital the current policy states “While currently, it is not a mandatory requirement for staff to get their COVID-19 vaccination or disclose vaccination status to patients, we strongly support and encourage all our staff to get their jab, in line with national guidance—and nearly 90% of ours staff have already done so.”

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