By David R. Henderson published in The Wall Street Journal with commentary from Michael Lerner

This WSJ Op Ed on why the FDA is attacking ivermectin is a significant cultural moment in the debate over the drug.  Like the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal has an authority matched by few other publications.  Also, since most of the support for evaluating ivermectin comes from conservative voices in the US, there is a certain resonance for the WS Jwhich is broadly conservative.  The WSJ opinion pages are where the conservatism of the publication are most prominent.  The news reporting is more objective. Whether this is a tipping point — whether other mainstream media start covering the ivermectin debate in a more balanced way — remains to be seen.  But as the clinical trials underway begin to report out, this kind of Op Ed co-signe dby one of the developers of the drug at Merck may help move toward balance.

Michael Lerner

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