June 24, 2021 ~ The Guardian ~ Joanna Partridge

‘Your body just stops’: long Covid sufferers face new ordeals as sick pay runs out

Nurses, teachers and shopworkers who have lost their health and their jobs talk about their struggle for support

Working seven days a week as a nurse and a fitness instructor, while bringing up two young daughters, Rebecca Logan led an extremely active life – until she contracted Covid-19 while working in the emergency department of a hospital in Northern Ireland.

Over a year after first falling ill, the 40-year-old is still suffering from long Covid. For Logan, that means she can only walk for five minutes before needing to rest, and there is a constant ringing in her ears. Her husband has had to pick up the slack at home, alongside his job as a school principal.

“The type of person that I was, I never would have believed someone could be that tired; that fatigue could affect you that badly. But tiredness and fatigue don’t really cover it, your body just seems to stop functioning,” she said.

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